Treatment through ruqyah shar’e’yah

Here are some verses of the Qur’an and supplications which have been authentically reported from the Prophet (s)which would waive calamities after they have befallen, and which would serve as an effective treatment by the will of Allah: *Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri said: ‘A group of the Companions of the Prophet of Allah (s)traveled until they passed an Arab village and they sought to be entertained by them, but these people refused to host them. Their chief was later stung by a scorpion and they searched for one who could cure him from his ailment, but to no avail.

So some of the villagers said: ‘Maybe you should approach the travelers. Maybe some of them have a means to cure him.’ So they approached them and said: ‘O people, our chief has been stung and we have sought to cure him but to no avail. So do any of you have a cure?’

One of the Companions said: ‘By Allah, I administer treatments, but by Allah we sought to be entertained by you and you refused, and I will not administer the cure until you give us something in compensation. So they agreed to give them a flock of sheep.

The Companion read (Alhamdulil’laah rab’bil aa’lameen…) and blew over [the chief], and he was cured and he walked about as though nothing had harmed him. They then gave them the flock of sheep. Some of the companions said, ‘Divide the flock among us.’ But the one who administered the treatment, said: ‘Do not do anything until we return to the Messenger of Allah (s) and we mention to him what happened, and see what he commands us.’

When they mentioned what had happened to the Messenger of Allah, he said: ‘And how did you know that it is a cure?’ He further said to them: ‘You have done well, divide [the sheep] and assign for me a share amongst you.’ The Prophet then smiled.

  • A’ishah said that whenever the Messenger of Allah (s) visited a sick person or a sick person was brought to him, he would say:Adth'hib al-Ba's rab'bin-naas ish'fee antash'shaafee laa she'faa'a il'laa she'faa'ok she'faa'an laa you'ghaa-de-ro sa'qa'maa.'

    Meaning: O Allah relieve him from his ailment, Rubb of the People, cure him for indeed You are the One Who cures, there is no true cure except Your cure, a cure that leaves (no trace of) illness behind.
  • The Ruqyah of Jibreel u. Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri narrated that Jibreel u came to the Prophet (s)and said: ‘O Muhammad do you feel pain?’He replied: ‘Yes’ he said:
    ‘Bismil’laah arqeek min kol’lee shai’in yo’dheek min shar’ree kol’lee nafsin o ai’nin haasidin Allah yash’feek bismillahi arqeek.’

    Meaning: I begin with the name of Allah and ask Allah to cure you from everything which harms you, and from all evils and from the evil of the envious eye. O Allah cure him, I begin with the name of Allah and ask Him to cure you.’
  • Uthman Abil Aas said that he complained to the Messenger of Allah (s)of a pain that he felt since he became Muslim. The Messenger of Allah (s)said to him: ‘Put your hand on the spot that hurts and say:
    'Bismillah three times, and then say seven times: A’oodtho bil’laah wa qudra’te’he min shar’ree maa a’je-do wa o’haadhir.’

    Meaning: I begin with the name of Allah. I seek refuge in Allah and His Power from this evil that I find and that I fear.